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Compassionate Counsel Through the Utah Probate Process

At Alder Law Group, P.C., our lawyers work with Salt Lake City families who need advice about Utah probate after the death of a loved one. Our objective is to deal with the demands of estate and trust administration so that your family doesn’t have the additional burdens of legal responsibilities at a time of grief.

At the same time, we keep our Salt Lake City probate clients fully informed at each stage of the process in order to avoid misunderstandings and mistakes. If you need legal advice about Utah probate, or if you have been named the administrator of an intestate estate, contact our office in Salt Lake City for a free trust administration consultation.

As experienced estate and trust administration attorneys, we can open the estate, present and validate the traditional will or living will, prepare an inventory of assets, handle creditor claims, file reports and tax returns, and discharge all of the other responsibilities of an executor or administrator responsible for a Utah estate. We represent executors and administrators who live in other states as well as local representatives. We also handle ancillary probate of Utah real property related to a decedent’s estate in other parts of the country.

Our objective is to complete the probate of the estate as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible so that beneficiaries and heirs can receive their share of the assets as soon as possible.


If your family member set up a living trust as part of their asset and trust administration process, it can mean that you don’t need to go through probate to claim your inheritance. These living trusts let a person deed all their assets and property before they become incapacitated, and they help keep financial affairs private by keeping them out of probate court and out of the public record. They also may shield your assets from creditors if managed properly. Living trusts are an important alternative to wills and are growing in popularity in the Salt Lake City area. If you would like assistance managing your living trust, help navigating a deceased person’s living trust or would like to set one up for your heirs, call us today.

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Along the way, we anticipate and resolve probate problems involving taxes, asset valuations, gift transfers, bank accounts, life insurance policies, living trusts, survivorship rights and other assets that either need to be administered and transferred outside of the probate process, or that need to be recovered or transferred into the estate. Our commitment to transparency in estate administration helps to minimize the conflicts and misunderstandings that can sometimes lead to delays or litigation.

For additional information about our approach to client service in Utah probate, contact the Salt Lake City estate and trust administration attorneys at Alder Law Group for a free consultation.