It’s a PLAN, not just a document

Last week, we saw an extremely sad, but very illustrative example of why a trust should be thought of as a coordinated planning exercise and not just as a document that can be purchased online, from a office supply store, a legal insurance provider, or even from a cheap(er) attorney. The client’s uncle and mother […]

Beneficiary designations

When was the last time you reviewed the beneficiary designations on your retirement plans, insurance policies, or even your basic cash accounts? Making sure that beneficiary designations are set up correctly is critical to making any estate plan operate properly.  Most people are unaware that beneficiary designations will control the distribution of an account or […]

DIY Trusts Rarely Work!

We often hear that our fees are higher that many would like to pay, especially in light of online services or software that supposedly enable a person to create their own trust.  Why wouldn’t a person want to take advantage of something that may save them a $2,000 or more?  Everyone wants to save money, […]

Here’s Why You Need an Estate Plan

Estate Planning

No matter what line of work you are in, estate planning has facets that apply to everyone, and it comes down to documenting wishes and avoiding probate and unnecessary taxes. Too many people put it off, but, in general, the sooner you do it, the better.